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You Won't Believe Bleaching Jeans is so EASY!!

Posted on February 16 2020

You Won't Believe Bleaching Jeans is so EASY!!

Have you ever wanted to bleach a pair of jeans, but felt like it would be too difficult so you just bought a pair?  Girl.... I am here to tell you that it is quite possibly the easiest process ever.  

All you need is a tub of some sort, water, bleach, a spray bottle, and of course your jeans. 

**Lay some newspaper down and wear some old clothes.  You definitely don't want to bleach the floor, your top, or pants.  You also want to try and do this in a ventilated area because bleach fumes are no fun! 

Here we go:

1) Fill a tub with 1 part water and 1 part bleach.

2) Dampen your jeans to an extent and then lay them flat.. you do not want your jeans to be drenched. (unless you are bleaching the entire pant).  The bleach will work better with jeans that are wet. 

3) Spray your jeans with the bleach water to the design or look that you desire. If you are the creative type, you can also place rubber bands around area of the jeans and make a tie dyed look.   If you want the jeans bleached completely, submerge the jeans into the tub the water for 20-30 mins until optimal color you desire.

**One thing to remember is if you only want one side of the leg bleached, stuff your leg with newspaper so that the bleach does not soak through. 

**If you submerged your jeans, you will want to take them out of the tub and wring them out being careful with the bleach splatter.   

4) Once you have completed the bleach process, let your jeans sit for a bit on the newspaper. Maybe 5-10 minutes to let the bleach set. 

5) Now it's time to rinse your jeans in water.  When this done you will want to wash your jeans with no detergent or fabric softener.  Do not put these in the washer with other clothes. 

6) After the cycle is done, take the jeans out to air dry.  Once dried, you will see the true color of the bleaching. 

The greatest part of this process is if you don't like the looks when you are done, you can start the process all over again to make them lighter.  Obviously, you cannot make them darker through this process. 

You did it!! Now wear those bleached jeans proudly! 




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