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What to wear with Black Jeans?

Posted on February 15 2020

What to wear with Black Jeans?

Do you ever struggle with what to wear with your black jeans? Struggle no more, I am here to say you can wear basically anything with black jeans these days.  However, there are certain types of tops or jackets that could be optimal for certain occasions.

For a casual look, you can pair your black jeans with a white or graphic t-shirt and leather or jean jacket.  You can also wear a pair of chucks or vans to complete the ensemble. Accessories can also assist with the casual look. Pair this outfit with some cute hoops, hat, and fun chunky necklace. A fun thing to note is that you can totally pull off your distressed jeans with this look and be fabulous.  

For an evening casual look, you can pair the black jeans with a sweater or cardigan.  You can wear some flats or boots to dress this ensemble up even more.  Accessories can be some gold/silver dangle earrings and simple necklace to complete the look. When deciding on distressing in your jeans, I would choose a very minimal amount if you want to dress this look.  You want to look polished for you night out. 

Lastly, you can go one step further by wearing a blouse and blazer with heels.  Accessorize this with some diamond earrings and necklace.  I wouldn't suggest wearing distressed jeans if you are going for this look.  You want to dress to impress when planning this look. 

I hope this helps when you are making plans on what to wear. I believe black jeans are timeless and should be a part of your wardrobe. 



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