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What is My Dress Size?

Posted on February 17 2020

What is My Dress Size?

Do you want to find out your true dress size so that you are not disappointed when shopping?  I say disappointed as you will find a dress you will want but could be the wrong size.  Follow the process below and you will have an approximate size for your dress so  you will have a carefree trip to the store.

Grap a measuring tape and let's go:

The first measurement that you should take is your bust size.  This would be at the fullest part of the breast.  You want a snug measurement, but definitely not tight.  You do want to be able to breathe.. lol

Second you will want to measure your waist.  You can get this exact spot by measuring 2 inches above your belly button. Keep the measuring tape a little loose as you want to be comfortable.

Third, you need to measure your hips.  Measure the widest part of your hips and your rear.  Keep the tape quite loose again as you do want to be able to sit. 

Now that you have your measurements, you can apply this to size charts that are available.  You always want to see the size charts as each manufacturer has a different measurement.  Please do not reply on previous dress sizes since the sizes can be different. 

Also keep in mind that sizes that are listed in US can be different from Europe or UK sizes.  A great example of this is your sneaker sizes. Most sneakers shows the different sizes per country on the tongue of the shoe. 

Most online stores also have a sizing guide as I do within my boutique.  I received size charts from the different vendors or I measured the item myself.  

**I cannot say enough that many items run small or large.  You cannot just use your usual size to determine the fit.  Please check the size charts to verify. 

A good rule of thumb to use for US sizes are as such: 

XS 0-2

S 4-6

M 8-10


XL 16-18

If you are between sizes, you may want to try the size below and above to find the fit you are looking for. 

I hope this post will help make your shopping experience less stressful and fun! Enjoy!






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