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Want to learn how to fade Jeans? This is the perfect blog.

Posted on February 18 2020

Want to learn how to fade Jeans?  This is the perfect blog.

You may follow my blog posts and have seen a recent post on bleaching jeans. The process for fading jeans is very similar but can be done using different liquids.

1) The first is lemon juice.  

You will want to wet your jeans by submerging in a tub or bucket of water.  Wring your jeans out.  

Submerge your jeans in a concentrated bucket of lemon juice. 

This process can take quite a while.  You will want to check periodically to take the jeans out at your desired color. 

Once your desired color was achieved, take your jeans out of the lemon juice and rinse with water. Hang your jeans in the sun to dry.  

2) If you are using bleach, follow the steps above. You will want to submerge your jeans in the tub of bleach instead of lemon juice.

** A step by step guide with bleach is in a previous blog that you may want to reference.  

The difference with this process is you will dry the jeans once removed from the bleach.  Then you will wash with detergent and fabric softener. 

3) A third great way to fade your jeans is coffee beans.  You will take coffee beans and rub along the jeans where you want the jeans faded.  

When done rubbing the coffee beans, you will pour boiling water to rinse the coffee residue from the pants. 

Through them through a wash cycle and you should have the desired look.

4) One of the easier ways is wearing your jeans quite a few times before washing.  Your jeans will naturally fade by the wear and tear of this process. 

I hope one of these processes work for you with fading your jeans! Good Luck!



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