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My Review on Different Nail Types I have Tried

Posted on January 09 2020

My Review on Different Nail Types I have Tried

Hi My Beauties!! Since we talk about everything fashion in my blog, let’s talk about Nails! 😊

I have found over the years that I deserve to be pampered in one way or another, I mean who doesn’t? I found that going to the nail salon to freshen up my manicure and pedicure is the easiest way to pamper myself and look good after. Who really has time to sit down and trim, buff, file, and paint your nails?  Nail technicians make things look so easy, but I am here to say they are not for everyone!  Or maybe it’s just me? LOL. 

Well Ladies, what if I told you that you can have your nails done in half the time and cost than at a nail salon?  Pamper yourself in other ways like a massage, margarita, shopping spree, or whatever floats your boat.  I love the look and feel of new nails that are basically worry free and look AHHMAZZING! Just that simple touch of fresh new nails and I feel like a new woman.  I feel I can conquer anything and know my nails will look fantastic after.  Ok well maybe my nails won’t make it through anything, but they are awesome! The amount of colors, shapes, and sizes make each nail experience unique and let’s be honest, nothing is set in stone and can be changed as often as you want.  What more can you ask for?

I know there are many different types of nails out there but here are a few types of nails that I have had done and are reviewing for you.  I hope this review helps you make a decision that is best for you. I am not an expert in this field but feel I can help those on the fence that need some extra information.

My Favorite Nail: I wanted to find something that I could be coordinated enough to do at home and not just use gel polish. So, I researched (ladies please research so you know what you are getting… read the reviews!) and I found a dipping powder online through Amazon was the way to go for me! I purchased a kit from Modelones that included 6 dipping powders, the base polish, the activator polish, the topcoat nail polish, and a cute little brush.  There are also 2 new replacement brushes for your polishes included in the package. I decided to purchase some files and buffers, along with clips for nail removing.

I started painting my dominate hand first and ladies’ holy cow that was tough.  It took quite some time, but I got the process done and they looked decent.  My left hand was a breeze though.  I was able to complete the process in an easy flow and I have to say, my nails look good.  Well ladies, I am sold!! I am excited to try new colors and designs. The cost is not bad at all.  I spent around $25 for the kit and am able to use the colors 20 more times. I call that a win-win for my wallet and for my time.  Since this was my first time, it took around an hour, but I see cutting that time in half my next go round. 

I also purchased nail clips for the removal of the dip.  I will saturate some cotton balls in acetone and put them in the clips to apply to my nails.  I am told to keep the clips on for 10 minutes and the dip will wipe off with the cotton ball. 

There are many different types of kits on amazon and Facebook from other companies.  You can get all these supplies in one kit if you desire, but they are very inexpensive to buy separately as well.


  • Acrylics- Acrylics are nail tips that are glued onto the end of your real nails or acrylic powder formed to your desired length. The length can be adjusted to your choosing as well as the shape you are looking for.  Powder and liquid are then used to build up your nail to make them stronger and thicker. Your nail is then buffed and filed for smoothness. Any color can be chosen for the painting afterwards. A UV light is then needed to help adhere and protect the color.

My Review: This type of nail can last up to 3-4 weeks depending on how fast your nail growth is. Your nails can be clipped for a desired length at each visit and a fill can be done in order to make your nails look whole again.  I have found Having nails on for too long can cause damage to your real nail and nail bed.  Fungus can grow if your nails are not treated and taken care of properly.  You need to have the salon remove your acrylics as not to cause damage every other sitting.  Not all nail salons will inform you of this but it’s your safest way to protect your real nail. I have gotten acrylics for dances in high school, my wedding, and other special occasions.  I have also tried full sets to get my nails growing – do not do this.  My disclaimer on this is your nails are very weak and brittle when your acrylics are taken off and most of your real nails will break or split over time.

Cost: $50-70 per full set depending on what salon you choose.  If you choose to buy the supplies and do this yourself, the cost would be per product needed and could be expensive up front.  Please do your research as some products are better than others.


  • Dip Powder – This is the latest craze that uses a dip powder to give you the desired color. There is no UV light used and the nails are good to go once you walk out of the salon.  There are 3 different types of liquids used: Base coat, activator, and topcoat.  There is a bonding powder used along with the color powder that you choose. 

My Review: The dipping powder lasts two weeks or longer depending on your desired length.  This technique is very cost effective and has no build up over time.  Tips can be added if needed and covered with the dipping powder. This is also a very easy process to do at home and I am not coordinated when it comes to nails... lol.  The only downside I see is that this process can get expensive depending on how often you are going to the salon and getting your nails done. Also, you are required to soak your nails in straight acetone for removal. 

Cost: $40-$50 at the salon.  If you choose to buy the supplies and do this yourself, the cost can be around $25 and enough powder to do your nails 20 times. 


  • Nail Gel Pens – Pens with gel nail polish to make things easier to apply. A very smart invention in theory.

My Review:  Nothing good came out of this purchase for me.  I could not get the color to flow at first and that caused much aggravation.  Once I was able to paint my nail the gel nail polish came out so fast that it was a complete disaster.  I’m not sure how the advertisers make this technique look so easy.  The nail polish then peels and takes a layer of nail with it.  I used the brand Trendy Nail Polish but there are many on Facebook advertisements.

Cost: $40 for 15 pens (this is the one I received)


  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel: This is a drugstore buy that has a 2-step process with no UV light necessary. You pick the nail color gel and then buy a topcoat that is applied after.  There is a glossy and a matte finish. 

My Review:  I have used this many times.  I love how easy it is to apply and how many color options there are.  The nail polish uses the same formula as designed by Sally Hansen to strengthen and repair. The only con I have found is this doesn’t last long as normal wear and tear will show.  I can use regular nail polish remover when wanting a new color.  This does not damage my nails; it leaves them stronger than before.

The technician at the salon will prep your nails, add the gel nail polish and topcoat.  Once they are done, they will have you put your nails under the UV light. 

Cost: $10 a bottle unless there is a sale versus $20-30 at the salon


I hope you found this review helpful in your nail decision-making process.  Do what makes you most comfortable and beautiful!  Make sure you do what makes you keep that smile on your face and that pep in your step each day!  Always remember that with research you may find another process that works for you and your finances.  I feel we are all our worst critics so always do what makes you feel wonderful.  Have an amazing day!

If you liked this review, please check out my other blog posts on all things fashion!  Who knows, you may see a vlog one day with my nail dipping process at home 😊 






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