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  • Want to learn how to fade Jeans? This is the perfect blog.

    Feb 18 2020

    You may follow my blog posts and have seen a recent post on bleaching jeans. The process for fading jeans is very similar but can be done...

  • What is My Dress Size?

    Feb 17 2020

    Do you want to find out your true dress size so that you are not disappointed when shopping?  I say disappointed as you will find a dress...

  • You Won't Believe Bleaching Jeans is so EASY!!

    Feb 16 2020

    Have you ever wanted to bleach a pair of jeans, but felt like it would be too difficult so you just bought a pair?  Girl.... I am here to...

  • What to wear with Black Jeans?

    Feb 15 2020

    Do you ever struggle with what to wear with your black jeans? Struggle no more, I am here to say you can wear basically anything with bla...

  • What is a Blouse?

    Feb 14 2020

    What is a blouse?  I know this question may seem silly to some, but I feel like many people are using the incorrect terms when it comes t...